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The One Apps has developed an Android application called DramaCool, which is categorized under Entertainment7 on Google Play. The current version, 12.0, was released on 21/06/2022 and has already amassed over 1 million installs. With an average rating value of 2.4, DramaCool has received 2 thousand ratings to date.

DramaCool is a mobile application designed specifically for lovers of Asian dramas and KDrama . With this app, users can request any desired Asian drama via the DramaCool live chat feature and receive a link to the requested content.

DramaCool is an app that has been created to cater to the needs of those who are passionate about Asian dramas and Korean dramas. It offers a convenient platform for users to access a wide range of content in this genre.

By using the Korean download app on DramaCool, users can obtain a link to their desired drama, which is uploaded on Telegram channels. These channels provide access to the latest dramas with excellent picture and sound quality.

How to Use this DramaCool
  1. Find the Korean drama you want to watch from the list of year-wise dramas.
  2. If the drama is not on the list, request it on the DramaCool app’s live chat movie request feature.
  3. On the DramaCool live chat, you will receive the link to the drama on Telegram channels.
  4. Click on the link and it will open in the Telegram app, where you can see the movie file.
  5. Download the file and start watching the drama.

Why DramaCool app?

The main feature of the DramaCool app is that you can request any movie on the dramacool live chat. Additionally, this app will help you to easily download any Asian drama or Korean drama.

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App is not officially associated with Telegram.

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We are currently offering the latest version 12.0 of the DramaCool app, which is optimized for many different devices. You can download it for free directly from the Google Play Store or from other versions we host. No registration or login is required for downloading.

Our app supports over 2000 different devices, including popular brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola, LG, Google, OnePlus, Sony, and even tablets. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the right version of the app that’s optimized for your specific device. Whether you’re using a phone or tablet, you can download and enjoy DramaCool without any compatibility issues.

The availability of the DramaCool app on our website can be very useful in case of any country or device restrictions on the Google App Store. It provides a convenient alternative way to download and install the app on your device.

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